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natureicontest's Journal

an icon contest community for nature
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an icon contest community for everything nature

natureicontest is a new icon contest community maintained by herphotolife.
in this community you will be able to submit and participate in icon contests, where all contests are everything related to nature every week. there are lots of surprises and polls along the way as you control the themes for challenges. each challenge will be different and there could be a surprise category, supplied resources, images, bases or fonts.

you can also vote on the icons that are submitted whether you are going to participate in icon-making or not. this is an active community with lots going on. please always check tags and friend the community.

all icon contests will relate to everything nature. you can see the challenge themes below for every upcoming week. challenges will be on a GMT timezone, you can see here. challenges will be posted weekly, and you can participate in as little or as many as you like.

there will be first, second, third, special category and mod's choice places to win if you participate in a challenge. you can see more information about these on each challenge so please check the communities entries for more information.

each challenge will have a 'special category' that could be:
- best colour
- best texture
- best words
- cutest icon
- most eye-catching
- best use of effects
- best use of layers
- best use of blending
- best show of emotion

Surprise challenges
to keep you involved, creative and excited there may be surprise challenges at unarranged times in the community. surprise challenges may be:
- rumbles
- ABCs
- ping-pong
- colour challenges
- theme challenges (emotions, colours, etc)
- mix/open challenge

please keep checking the community to see if there is a surprise challenge currently running and if there is you may be able to sign up.

1) please follow the rules that are listed in the challenge posts.
2) submit only your work. if i find out you are submitting someone elses icons, you will be banned without warning.
3) never take other peoples icons without permission.
4) please don't use your icon anywhere until voting is over.
5) you must not vote for yourself. if you do, you will be banned.
6) your icon has to be in .jpg, .gif or .png format at 100x100px size. pleaseplease don't make them bigger than 40kb.
7) see THIS post on how to submit icons.

Challenge theme timeline
see the challenge schedule for upcoming challenges, past challenges and future themes. you can also suggest caps for challenges and submit them here.

Banner makers:

current schedule:
challenge #31 dolphins: calin_durus
challenge #32: herphotolife
challenge #33: mon_hantise72

Important links/pages
Tutorials how to submit icons here
Affiliates and banners here.
Hall of fame here

visit my other LJ icon communities disneytheme

credit to visualwit for layout